Beyond Ready…

Wow!  I can not believe we only have two nights left!  It feels like we have been gone forever!  We miss Harrison, Bonnie and Anna Cathryn like CRAZY!  We are forever thankful for our family and friends that have fed, housed, and loved on the three of them while we have been gone!  We are blessed beyond measure to have each one of you in our lives! 

We will be picking up Zoe’s visa tomorrow afternoon!  Our interview went very smoothly!  Thanks for all your prayers.

We are ready for each one of you to meet Zoe’.  She is amazing!  It has been so neat to watch how God has hand picked each child for each family here.  Zoe’ has a big contagious and funny personality that will fit in great with our family!

She is finally warming up to John…you can tell from the pictures I have posted that she is letting him hold her more! 

We feel like we have been held up in our room this past week…only leaving to eat!  John said he hit a all time low last night when I made him watch Ma Ma Mia 😉 (I think he liked it!)

Communicating with Zoe’ has been very easy.  She is very smart and already understands several english words.  She actually talks to her baby doll in Chinese and we have been recording her. 

Well it is late!  I know I have not been writing alot…but…this time change is still hard! TTFN ❤

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